Audition News

Youth Music Audition for 2022

A singer audition will be held for 2022 youth music!

Localized Youth music started in 2017, but we plan to hold an audition this year as well.

Youth Music 2022 Audition

Audition Candidate

Single men and women aged 14-30 (Youth / YSA)
Both members and non-members of this church
♪ Please invite your friends ♪

Also, this studio recording will be done in 〇〇.
It is limited to those who can read and understand the 'Corona Countermeasures' below.

Please note.

In addition, we will bear the transportation and food expenses related to recording.


Application method

Please sing 2020 theme song (I Will Go and Do) and send the audio file.

Original Song (Male version)  (Female version)

Karaoke (Male version)  (Female version)

youth music audio poster

Application deadline: January 5, 2022 (Wednesday)

Please read and understand the following 'Countermeasures against Coronavirus Infectious Diseases' before proceeding to the application form below.

'Countermeasures for COVID-19 infection'

As a countermeasure against coronavirus infectious diseases, we will thoroughly implement the following measures and strive to improve the environment.

Request to everyone

  • Wearing a mask-Be sure to wear a mask while recording in the studio, and cooperate with 'cough etiquette' when coughing or sneezing.
  • Hand wash, hand sanitizer-Please thoroughly wash your hands and disinfect your hands. Also, when you come to the studio, we will prepare alcohol disinfectant and disposable vinyl gloves, so please use them.
  • Recording at intervals-The studio is small, so please take action with a minimum number of people at sufficient intervals.

Those who fall under the following should refrain from recording in the studio on the day.

  • Those who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or more in the temperature measurement in the studio.
  • Those who have cold symptoms, those who are uneasy about their physical condition, those who do not feel well.
  • Those who have symptoms such as fever and cough within 2 weeks.
  • Those who have returned or traveled from a foreign country within 2 weeks, and those who have close contact with the person concerned.

Those who have agreed to the above measures and minors can only apply for those who have also obtained the consent of their parents.

SUBMIT your application through email