Strengthen the Rising Generation

Temporal Self-Reliance

Thinking girl


When we are self-reliant, we use the blessings and abilities God has given us to care for ourselves and our families and find solutions to our own problems. As we become self-reliant, we are also better able to serve and care for others. The Lord wants us to become both spiritually and temporally self-reliant. (Come Follow Me; November: Spiritual and Temporal Self-Reliance)

Discussion Topics and Resources:

Besides the items listed below, parents and leaders can utilize manuals provided by Self-Reliance Services (My Foundation; Education for Better Work; Find a Better Job; Personal Finances). Where applicable, invite members to participate in self-reliance groups. True to the Faith, Come Follow Me, Preach My Gospel, and other Church-provided materials should be fully utilized.

Developmental Activities:

*Consult with the stake self-reliance committee and Self-Reliance Services when planning these activities.

  • Plan and hold an Education Day or Education Week

  • Have a study class where participants research local vocational and academic education opportunities and how they can be leveraged to help achieve personal career goals

  • Visit a college or vocational school

  • Have an educator visit and talk about how students can be successful in the classroom

  • Have a discussion about how to pay for schooling

  • Take the younger generation to the local employment board for an aptitude test

    • Prior to the visit, help them understand what they will be doing and why

    • Following the visit, help them understand how to apply the results

  • Invite the younger generation to research about three jobs they are interested in and present their findings

  • Invite a visitor to come and speak about career planning, how to identify jobs that meet one’s skills and interests, and how to identify the right programs leading to those jobs

  • Work with professionals in the stake and ward to provide opportunities to visit workplaces for a more hands-on experience

  • Help the youth increase communication skills by using available teaching aides and tools

  • Have a “no-tech” discussion/meeting where participants turn in/off their mobile devices and rely on verbal communication and paper scriptures

  • Distribute a chart that shows an age range, e.g., 0-30, 12-25, etc, and have participants plot where they will be and what they will be doing each year

    • Include the following: grade in school, seminary, priesthood advancement, priesthood ordinances, temple, mission, marriage, work, etc.

    • Help the youth understand that though not everything will happen as planned, by having a plan they will be able to accomplish more


Service Activities:

  • Invite the YSA/YA to be tutors/mentors for the youth

  • Invite the YSA/YA to a youth meeting and share how they balanced school, club, church, and seminary activities

  • Invite adult members of the ward/stake to speak to the younger generation about their employment, their career development path, challenges they faced along the way, etc.

  • Invite self-employed members to meet with the younger generation and talk about the joys and trials of owning one’s own business