Strengthen the Rising Generation

Spiritual Self-Reliance



Spiritual self-reliance is essential to our eternal well-being. When we are spiritually self-reliant, our testimonies do not depend on the testimonies of others. We seek our own spiritual experiences through praying daily, studying the scriptures, and exercising faith in Jesus Christ. We turn to our Heavenly Father for His help to resolve our own difficult problems. We are also able to strengthen others in their times of spiritual need. (Come Follow Me; November: Spiritual and Temporal Self-Reliance)

Discussion Topics and Resources:

(Leaders and parents can also utilize Come Follow Me lesson material, Articles of Faith, True to the Faith, For the Strength of Youth, Duty to God, Personal Progress, Preach My Gospel, Seminary and Institute lesson and Doctrinal Mastery materials, and and websites to facilitate discussions around and actions toward greater spiritual self-reliance.)

Developmental Activities:

Service Opportunities:

  • Give the youth, YSA, and prospective elders the names of less-active quorum members and encourage them to visit, befriend, and fellowship them.

  • Invite the full-time missionaries to participate in an activity with the younger generation. This could center on how to invite friends to Church activities, share the gospel with friends, prepare for a mission, begin studying Preach My Gospel, teach a principle or share a testimony in a missionary discussion, etc. The following General Conference talks could also be used.

  • Invite the youth and YSA to look around the community for opportunities to go and do service. “Helping Hands” vests can be worn even during smaller service projects sponsored by a ward or stake.

  • Help each member create an LDS Account, a Family History profile, and “actively seek and find family names and take them to the temple”. The younger generation can also begin adding photos and stories to their ancestors’ pages.

  • Plan a temple trip during which the younger generation can receive ordinances for their dead ancestors.