Strengthen the Rising Generation


Happy young people

This is a choice generation. Yet the world is at war – a war not fought on the battlefields but in our hearts, our lives, and our families. A war in which Satan and his followers are trying to derail the kingdom of God by attacking the family, especially the younger generation. For this purpose, “Strengthen the younger generation by engaging with them to rise to their potential” has been included in the 2018 Area Plan. Parents and leaders have a divinely appointed responsibility to nourish and strengthen the younger generation. This is accomplished through teaching correct doctrine, encouraging the young people to set meaningful goals, and helping them track and fulfill those goals as they prepare to return to Heavenly Father.

This document is a supplement to the Area Plan. The ideas compiled within are intended to help parents and leaders identify discussion topics, learning activities, and service opportunities that will help the youth, young single adults and young adults in their progression here upon the earth. This list may in some cases prompt ideas more suited to your needs. Preparation for eternal life begins in the home. These ideas can be used in family council meetings, for Family Home Evening lessons, as a creative way to spend an afternoon together, or even to deepen the family’s Sabbath day experience. Home and visiting teachers can use these ideas to enhance their visits or to become better friends with the younger generation in their assigned families. The role of the Church is to “strengthen the sacredness of the home” (HB 2, 1.4). Thus, these ideas can also be used to plan mutual, YSA, quorum and/or Relief Society activities, Bishop Youth Discussion (Handbook 2, 8.13.2) meetings, and ward and stake youth and YSA conferences.

We encourage parents and leaders to prayerfully review and ponder these ideas. We invite you to sit in council with the younger generation and select which doctrine to discuss together to plant the word of God in their hearts. Choose activities that are relevant to the developmental stage of the young people with whom you are working. Provide them with opportunities to learn, act, and share in a way that will lead to greater growth, a deeper testimony of Jesus Christ, His Atonement, and the restoration of His gospel, and the ability to live righteous lives. As parents and leaders do these things, the younger generation will rise to their true potential as followers of Jesus Christ sent to the earth to prepare it for the Second Coming of the Savior.