Feel Joy in the Gospel


Feel Joy in the Gospel

Feel Joy in the Gospel has been prepared to help individuals learn and live doctrinal principles that lead to spiritual and temporal self-reliance. We become self-reliant by putting into practice principles of faith, education, hard work and trust in the Lord. This frees ourselves from crippling dependencies that burden our souls. Our joy increases and we are blessed with greater hope, peace and progress.

Feel Joy in the Gospel works best when reviewed in a small group of 8 to 10 people or as a family. This is a 9-lesson course with each lesson being about 40 minutes in duration. Once you have determined who will be in the group, when and where the group will meet weekly, you are ready to begin.

To begin Feel Joy in the Gospel, either download the digital version of the manual or order it from the Distribution Center:

By phone: 03-5668-3391
Via the Online Store: store.lds.org/jpn/en

With a group of family or friends formed and a manual in hand, you are now ready to start!