Sapporo Temple Dedication FAQ

Sapporo Temple Dedication FAQ

Q.  Will the dedication broadcast be available over the internet?

A.   No, the broadcast will only be provided over encrypted satellite signals to meetinghouses in the area that can receive satellite broadcasts.

Q.  Can the stake or district relay the broadcast received from the satellite to other meetinghouses in their area?

A.  No, although this may be technically possible to do, we have been instructed by the First Presidency not to do so. Participation in the ceremony is limited to temple worthy members only.  Physical checks of recommends can only be made at the authorized buildings.  Distribution or recording of the broadcast via any means other than the approved encrypted satellite signal is strictly prohibited.

Q.  What should be done to prepare to receive the encrypted broadcast?

A.  You may contact the Global Service Center at 0120-895-600 and provide them with the Serial Number of the satellite receiver to confirm that the receiver is registered to receive the encrypted satellite.  There will also be a number of times provided over the following days to check reception of the encrypted satellite signal. 

Encryption Test #1:  Tue, August 2, 17:00 to 22:00

Encryption Test #2:  Wed, August 3, 17:00 to 22:00

Encryption Test #3:  Fri, August 5, 17:00 to Sun, August 7, 21:00

Q.  Will babysitting be provided?

A.  This is up to the individual stakes to provide.  Children under the age of eight will not be admitted into the building.  Babysitting arrangements should be made outside of the building. There will be three sessions of the dedication ceremony, all of which will be broadcast.  Members with a valid recommend can attend any or all of these sessions as desired.

Dedication Session #1:  Sun, August 21, 9:00 to 10:30

Dedication Session #2:  Sun, August 21, 12:00 to 13:30

Dedication Session #3:  Sun, August 21, 15:00 to 16:30

Q.  Can reservations be made to attend one of the live dedication ceremonies in Sapporo?

A.  Priority to attend the live dedication ceremonies is reserved for members living within the Sapporo Temple district area boundaries.  Members living outside of that area are encouraged to attend the ceremony via the provided encrypted satellite broadcast.  Tickets or reservations are not available for members outside of the temple district.

Q.  Who can attend the broadcast?

A.  Only church members who have been baptized and who present a valid Temple Dedication Ceremony Recommend will be admitted to be able to view the broadcast.  Children from ages 8 through 15 must be accompanied by an adult.  Members holding a valid temple recommend or limited use recommend can receive the Temple Dedication Ceremony Recommend from their bishop or branch president.  Bishops and branch presidents may also issue Temple Dedication Ceremony Recommends to worthy members ages 8 through 12 who do not have the above temple recommend or limited use recommends.

Q.  Who is responsible for issuing the Temple Dedication Ceremony Recommends for full time missionaries?

A.  Normally, temple recommends for full time missionaries are issued by the mission president, however, the Temple Dedication Ceremony Recommend for full time missionaries may be issued by the missionary’s local unit bishop or branch president.

Q.  What time do I need to be seated by?  What will happen if I am late?

A.  You should be seated at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the session.  It will be possible to be admitted any time up until the session starts, however, no one will be admitted once the session starts.

Q.  Who can issue the Temple Dedication Ceremony Recommend?

A.  The Temple Dedication Ceremony Recommend should normally be issued by a member of your home ward bishopric or branch presidency.  However, in exceptional circumstances where it may be difficult to meet with your home ward leaders, such as during extended travel for summer vacation and such, you may present a valid temple recommend or limited use recommend to the leaders of the ward or branch where you are visiting and ask them to issue the Temple Dedication Ceremony Recommend for you.

Q.  What do I need to bring with me to the dedication ceremony?

A.  One clean, white handkerchief to be used in the Hosanna Shout will be required for each person attending the dedication.  You can purchase white handkerchiefs at any store where they are sold locally. They can also be purchased at the Church Distribution Center, at the Book Store, or online at the following link.

Q.  What is the standard of worthiness to be used for children ages 8 through 12?

A.  The standard for worthiness of children ages 8 through 12 that should be used is the same as that of the standard used to issue a limited use recommend.

Q.  How can I know the temple schedule?

A.  The schedule is uploaded on THE PAGE, so please check from it.