2024 Area Calendar Art Festival Announcement


Asia North Area Calendar Art Festival! Let your light shine through art! 

The Asia North Area is excited to announce its first-ever Area Calendar Art Festival! We are looking for artwork reflecting the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Online submissions will be accepted beginning on July 1st, 2023. Selected pieces will be used in creating the Asia North Area Calendar for 2024 and will be featured on official area social media channels and the church website to share our love for Jesus Christ with the world.  


  • To celebrate the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in the form of art  

  • To invite Latter-day Saints and their friends to Love, Share and Invite through their talents 

  • To continue the tradition of sharing an area calendar in a more localized and engaging way  



The theme for Asia North Area Calendar Art Festival is “The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ”. All submissions should reflect this theme. 



  • Submission Dates: July 1 ~ Aug 21 

  • Online Exhibition: Nov 15 ~ 

  • Calendar Distribution: Nov 15 ~ Nov 30


Eligibility, Rules, and Guidelines 

  • The Area Calendar Art Festival is open to all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with connections to the Asia North Area (Japan, Korea, Guam/Micronesia, Mongolia) as well as their friends who also love the Savior. 

  • Each artist may submit no more than 2 pieces of art. 

  • All submissions must be original creations by the person submitting. 

  • Artwork representing a variety of cultural and aesthetic traditions, styles, and artistic media are welcome. Media may include painting, drawing, textile art, photography, printmaking, and traditional and folk art, etc. (Formats such as music, video, dance are not applicable.) 

  • All artwork must be submitted in digital photography format 

  • Please do not send the actual artwork to the area office. (It will not be accepted nor returned.) 


Submission Instructions 

  • Fill out submission form and license agreement. (Download File

  • Take a quality photograph or scan your artwork.

  • Submit 1) Submission form; and 2) Scanned file via email to below address.

  • Submission email: AsiaNorthPAD@churchofjesuschrist.org 

  • Submission Dates: July 1 ~ Aug 21 

File Specification 

  • Resolution: 300 dpi / Please submit two types: CMYK & RGB 

  • Extension: JPEG, PNG, Tiff 

  • Size: under 50mb 

  • Please do not send actual artwork. Only digital photographs. 


Contact Information

For questions, please contact: AsiaNorthPAD@churchofjesuschrist.org