About 2020 Nation Wide Day of Service


Please refer to the following information as you plan for the National Day of Service.

Objectives for the National Day of Service:

  • Feel joy in the gospel by ministering to both members and nonmembers alike by getting involved in community service
  • Increase missionary opportunity by having fulltime missionaries join the activity.
  • Create a bigger network of friends by collaborating with other organization(s) in the community

You do not necessarily need to cover all of the above objectives

Please plan and prepare for a service activity by having input from people in a meeting like a council meeting and come up with an idea that accomplishes at least one of the objectives listed above.

Ideas for National Day of Service :

The following are ideas gathered from projects successfully held in 2018 throughout Japan and other areas:

  1. Conservation/environmental clean-up, includes: ‘Love Earth Clean-up’, Sayama pond, River Green, tree plantings, canal clean-up river banks, hiking trails, framework, and beach clean-up. To be accomplished with cooperation through local agencies and organizations. (In other countries, habitat conservation projects have been accomplished cooperating with government agencies).
  2. Cooperative projects with cities, or prefectures, including: park clean-up, cleaning rain drainage ditches, picking up trash with NPO’s, painting restrooms, remodeling nursery schools.
  3. Disaster relief, including: clean-up of affected areas, providing hot meals for those displaced from their homes.
  4. Feeding the hungry, including: Nakano and Tokyo First Ward onigiri projects to feed the hungry, participating with other churches and agencies, the Charibom project, ‘Books for the Hungry’ where old books were donated and sold and the proceeds given to Second Harvest and other charitable organizations, food drives and donations to charitable organizations.
  5. Assisting the elderly, handicapped or otherwise informed, including: clean-up and repair of nursing homes, taking the elderly on walks, programs, and concerts for the elderly or handicapped, making repairs at homes of the handicapped, holding activities for the handicapped, providing quilts or other supplies to battered women shelters, volunteering for suicide hotlines (not in Japan).
  6. Donating blood
  7. Reading to children at orphanages
  8. Making quilts for people in disaster areas (sent to other countries)
  9. Repairs or donations for local schools
  10. Growing/cleaning gardens for the elderly or other impaired persons

Scope of activity and date:

  • Service activity should be done any day from March until September.
  • Activity should be conducted as a stake, district, ward or branch.

Activity planning and report submission:

・Person in charge of the service activity in each stake or ward/branch should submit a detailed activity plan by filling out the form given below by Sudany, March 15

Submit an Activity Plan

Please submit your report by using the form below by Wednesday, Sep 30.

*Activity Report & Stories Submission Form

In your activity report, please include your testimony gained or special experience/story you have about the activity.

Please attach a photo(s) or reference material(s) together to your detailed report if possible as well.

We plan to share some selected stories with church members in Japan by posting in the Newsroom and the local pages of Liahona magazine.


Who should participate:

  • Everyone can participate – members, nonmembers, children, adults, young and old.
  • We encourage you to invite missionaries to participate in the activity so it will be the lead to a missionary opportunity.


Nonmember participation:

We are preparing a special website to promote this event for nonmembers.

Day of Service 2020 Promotion Site (Website under construction)

When submitting your activity plan, please indicate if you would like to promote your event/activity for nonmember to participate.

If you answer yes, we will post your activity plan in the above-mentioned special website.

When someone signs up through the website to participate in your event/activity, the person's information will be forwarded to the e-mail address of the person in charge.

So, if needed, please contact the applicant to share more detailed information. 


  • You are encouraged to take photos or videotape your activities to be used in your report.
  • When you photograph and/or videotape your activity, you should make announcement about how photos and videos might be used later and about image copyright or have participants sign this document (Guidelines for Use of Image)
  • Please submit image copyright documents along with your activity report.
  • You can also access the Japanese version document and Legal Notice document from here.
  • If you have any question about image copyright, please contact Public Affairs Department.