Worldwide Day of Testimony

President Nelson and his wife

On October 22, 2023, Latter-day Saint youth around the world are invited to gather for a first of its kind global youth testimony meeting to bear witness of Jesus Christ.

Church President Russell M. Nelson, Young Woman General President Emily Belle Freeman, and Young Men General President Steven J. Lund will participate in this meeting by sharing their testimonies in a short, pre-recorded message to be used in the meeting. This event is not a centralized broadcast. 

Youth and leaders are encouraged to gather at 7 p.m.* local time on Sunday, October 22, to view the message and then share testimonies with one another. As youth gather and share locally, the world will be filled with testimony of Jesus Christ. 

Below is a suggested outline for this meeting: 

  • Opening musical number and prayer by youth 
  • View the pre-recorded message (video will be about 20 minutes long) 
  • Testimonies from youth  
  • Closing prayer 
  • Post-event gathering as desired 

Download pre-recorded message video